Book from Einstein about relativity, The special and general theory

Einstein (wikipedia commons)Few years ago was time for the 100 anniversary of the publication of paper written by Albert Einstein about General Theory of relativity.

We want to celebrate offering all of you for free other book wrote by Albert Einstein: Relativity, The Special and General Theory. Wrote to in 1916 and revised in 1924.


Albert Einstein, Biography and works

Einstein (wikipedia commons)

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on 14 March of 1879 and he grew up in Munich since the age of 1 year up to 16. Then his family moved to Italy and he left the course to go there too. He was very excellent in mathematics and physics but he was not interested in other matters. He studied on his own but his father forced him to return to Munich and then to Zürich to continue their studies. As he had not completed high school, he could not enter the University but he was admitted at the Polytechnic of Zurich, where he studied physics and mathematics with Heinrich Weber and Herman Minkowki.

He married Mileva Maric, Croatian, in 1900 when she graduated and obtained Swiss citizenship. Continue reading