Albert Einstein, Biography and works

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Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on 14 March of 1879 and he grew up in Munich since the age of 1 year up to 16. Then his family moved to Italy and he left the course to go there too. He was very excellent in mathematics and physics but he was not interested in other matters. He studied on his own but his father forced him to return to Munich and then to Zürich to continue their studies. As he had not completed high school, he could not enter the University but he was admitted at the Polytechnic of Zurich, where he studied physics and mathematics with Heinrich Weber and Herman Minkowki.

He married Mileva Maric, Croatian, in 1900 when she graduated and obtained Swiss citizenship.
Worked as part-time teacher and giving private lessons. Two years later got a job as a technical expert in the Bern patent office.
In his spare time he studied topics such as the physical properties of light and often met with intellectual friends to talk about physics, philosophy and literature.
Albert Einstein soon starts to publish scientific papers in a scientific journal.
In 2005, described as the “annum mirabilis”, he published four scientific papers that changed the world. These contributions to science are:
  • One about the photoelectric effect, where he postulates the quantum of light.
  • A second contribution on the Brownian motion.
  • The third, considered the beginning of the theory of relativity, on the electrodynamics of moving bodies.
  • A fourth where raises the equivalence between mass and energy.
In 1909 he became a professor at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich and later in Prague and Berlin.
In 1911 formulates the principle of equivalence between an accelerated movement and a gravitational field.
He separated from his first wife and married in 1915 with his cousin Elsa, and he raised a first version of the general theory of relativityand in 1916 exhibited, already complete and corrected after years of study of the necessary tensor calculus mathematics, his general theory of relativity.
Lost three of their four children in a short time.
In 1921 was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics “for his research on the photoelectric effect and their great contributions to theoretical physics”.
In the nazi era Albert Einstein lived in Belgium, France, Great Britain and United States.
In 1933 settled in Princeton, in 1940 obtained American nationality, and died at 18 April of 1955, after years of trying to create a theory that would unite the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, subatomic strong and subatomic weak, and written numerous articles for scientific journals, lectures, and some books as: “Electrodynamics of moving bodies”, “Fundamentals of the theory of general relativity”, “On the unified field theory”, “My thoughts and opinions”, “Physics, thinking adventure”, “on the theory of special and general relativity” and “the meaning of relativity”.

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